Sousa came to Howard Stark’s Estate that have a file Peggy Carter necessary

Assisting Peggy Carter

Carter was not around, but when she showed up, she seemed hurried and you can brief, and work out Sousa suspicious. He featured the girl vehicle, seeing Edwin Jarvis given out inside. Whenever Sousa requested Carter what got taken place, she advised him he previously drunk way too much. Sousa heard a noise about trunk area; whether or not Carter tried to allege she got caught an enthusiastic opossum, the new songs enhanced until one another will make out conditions. Sousa established the trunk to reveal Rufus Search to the, because the Carter acknowledge she got kidnapped him.

Sousa encountered Carter when you look at the home, advising their she had the time a crime and you may inquiring as to the reasons she had not required duplicate. Carter informed him she hadn’t wished to ruin their lifetime more. Sousa insisted into the providing Carter, and you may she reluctantly arranged.

Sousa contended toward representatives whenever you are Carter and you will Positives withdrew so you’re able to speak

When you look at the an effective broom case about Auerbach Theatrical Agency, Sousa and you may Carter interrogated Take a look. Sousa made an effort to negotiate with your for brands, simply to features Have a look mock him having their burns, stating that when you find yourself Sousa had it easy within the battle, he had been captured and punished because of the Japanese.