The japanese made a scrupulous efforts to enhance the latest reputation and you will social like out-of morale female

To stop adversely affecting the military’s spirits due to troops enjoying Japanese girls, also family, conscripted into the spirits ladies system, The japanese turned into alternatively so you’re able to its territories, deploying a huge selection of Korean ladies by the January 1938 followed within a month or two by the an effective “full scale mobilization” off Koreans. Taiwanese had been drafted to your Japan’s conflict efforts while it began with 1937 not as much as Japan’s national mobilization rules; Taiwanese comfort lady boffins and you may activists suggest 1938 once the first year you to definitely Taiwanese people was mobilized while the military spirits women.

One to Japanese physician in Manchuria revealed a great cohort off morale female given that “an army force by itself” and you will “ergo not only prostitutes.” From inside the Japan, spirits ladies have been promised that, according to their services, they might be enshrined during the Japanese federal armed forces memorial shrine, Yasukuni, as “server of the country.”