Batman seemingly berated the latest collective class having heading rogue once again, upcoming congratulated them to your get of the supervillains

Immediately after, Superboy, Artemis, and Miss Martian admitted that they was in fact in touch with Lex Luthor, Sportsmaster, and you may King Bee respectively, every one of who was indeed blackmailing him or her and you can instructing these to wade to Santa Prisca. [20]

Immediately following Superboy, Artemis, and Miss and not the latest White, the remainder Group helped ambush the fresh new villains. Zatanna and you can Robin obtained Bane, although powerhouse is actually out of their league. Zatanna try slammed towards the ground, however, managed to throw an enchantment that composed several illusions regarding Robin. It distracted Bane, and you may anticipate Robin to reduce out of his Venom range. [20]