Sexism has created an enthusiastic oppressive place for discriminatory means and label policing to flourish in Nigerian neighborhood

The new analyzed females directors features emphasized overt bias and unjust procedures of females plus re-appraised social relationship connected to gender

When you look at the Linus’s Dry, shortly after Alhaji had simply completed raping Halima and you can interrogates the girl to your the lady mother’s failure so you can adequately prepare yourself her to own a good wife’s free Beard dating apps responsibilities, the guy warns the woman not to ever fight him once again and needs overall submission. Linus challenges people so you can reconsider the character inside the perpetuating so it ridiculous practice. Linus, Oboli and you will Vaughan-Richards discreetly emphasize one people, inside imaginative functions along with the materials business, don’t deal with a similar grave effects because females once they commit social transgressions.